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Top Sales - September 2018


  1. And Nothing Hurt
    Spiritualized: And Nothing Hurt
    (CD Digi / Cardboard)
  2. With Animals
    Lanegan Mark & Garwood Duke: With Animals
    (LP 180GR +MP3 COUPON)
  3. Snow Bound
    Chills: Snow Bound
    (LP + MP3 COUPON)
  4. Gentlemen Take Polaroids - Half Speed Mastered
  5. Selected Ambient Works 85-92 - Vinyl Reissue
  6. Double Negative
    Low: Double Negative
    (LP + MP3 COUPON)
  7. Both Directions At Once: The Lost Album
  8. Borderlands
    Myrrors: Borderlands
    (LP + MP3 COUPON)
  9. Lament In A Deep Style
    Harisiadis Kitsos: Lament In A Deep Style
  10. Bloom
    Nalyssa Green: Bloom
    (LP 180GR +MP3 COUPON)
  11. The Blue Hour
    Suede: The Blue Hour
  12. Marauder
    Interpol: Marauder
  13. Bristopia
    Get The Blessing: Bristopia
    (LP 180gr)
  14. Tin Drum
    Japan: Tin Drum
    (LP x2 180gr)
  15. Nts Sessions
    Autechre: Nts Sessions
    (LP x12 BOX)
  16. Lloyd Miller & The Heliocentrics
    Miller Lloyd & The Heliocentrics: Lloyd Miller & The Heliocentrics
    (LP x2)
  17. Juju
    Siouxsie And The Banshees: Juju
    (LP 180gr)
  18. A Toda Cuba Le Gusta
    Afro-cuban All Stars: A Toda Cuba Le Gusta
    (LP x2 180gr)
  19. Forever Breathes The Lonely World
  20. Dance Of The Demons
    Web Web: Dance Of The Demons
  21. Deaths
    Sauna Youth: Deaths
  22. Rainier Fog
    Alice In Chains: Rainier Fog
    (LP x2)
  23. Made Available
    This Heat: Made Available
  24. The Shakedown
    Tenderlonious Featuring The 22archestra: The Shakedown
    (LP x2)
  25. Awase
    Nik Bartsch' S Ronin: Awase
  26. Songs Of Resistance 1942 - 2018
    Ribot Marc: Songs Of Resistance 1942 - 2018
    (LP x2 180gr)
  27. Radio Amor - Reissue
    Hecker Tim: Radio Amor - Reissue
    (LP x2)
  28. Ouranos
    Stereo Nova: Ouranos
    (LP x2 +MP3 COUPON)
  29. Fear Of A Brown Planet
  30. The Unfortunate Demise Of Marlowe Billings


  1. Collapse Ep
    Aphex Twin: Collapse Ep
  2. Tunji / Mode For Trane
    Birchall Nat: Tunji / Mode For Trane
  3. Colors
    Gondwana Orchestra: Colors
  4. Teatime Dub Encounters
    Underworld & Iggy Pop: Teatime Dub Encounters
  5. Le Renard Bleu
    Takada Midori / Lafawndah: Le Renard Bleu
  6. Loralai
    Mononome: Loralai
  7. Vicious Circles
    Hawke Sinjin & Jones Zora: Vicious Circles
  8. Journey In Satchidananda / Blue Nile
    Halsall Matthew & The Gondwana Orchestra: Journey In Satchidananda / Blue Nile
  9. Too Slow To Disco Brasil Edits
    Santa Cruz / Les Inferno: Too Slow To Disco Brasil Edits
  10. 18 Hours ( Of Love ) - Optimo Remix / Tears - Mika Vainio Remix