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Icarus Asylum

Mourjopoulos John With Georgiou Andreas

Icarus Asylum

Label: Same Difference Music

Genre: Electronica / Ambient / Experimental


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Icarus_asylum, mixes organic electronic ambience immersion with jazz narratives in soundscapes built from guitar-driven themes enveloped by segments from old ceremonies, ritual dances and natural sounds. It was constructed over 7 years and the 5 pieces should be listened sequentially, as in the complete album.
Two concepts underline the music themes, also naming the album:
the longing for spiritual refuge in the asylum of sound during an age when many, most of us, are displaced from homes and roots; the sense of existential failure resembling the fall of Icarus - whilst nobody is taking any notice - like in this still relevant today Renaissance painting by Bruegel.

Edition of 100 copies