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Label: Fear Section

Genre: Electro-Industrial


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The German band CHROM is not a big fan of genre restrictions. Henceforth, “Electroscope”, the title of the group’s debut album can be seen as rather programmatic, as the music is an eclectic amalgam from the broad stylistic band width that electronic popular music has to offer, creating a sound that is as catchy as it is club-compatible. Vocals-wise, CHROM effectively walk the thin line between warm melodies and relentless energy. The bass power, impact and energy of EBM are fused with the airy, technoid elements of Future Pop and the lush melodies of Synth-Pop to a versatile and compact sound that creates its very own niche in between bands like VNV Nation or Solitary Experiments.

The album is topped off by two remixes, one of them by famous Berlin-based Dark-Pop-Band Blutengel. Dance and let your mind flow!