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Devils In My Details


Devils In My Details

Label: Synthetic Symphony

Genre: Electro-Industrial


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Devil In My Details” is the third solo collaboration between Ogre, lead singer and front man of legendary industrial heroes SKINNY PUPPY and Mark Walk. Together they have created a journey of epic proportions… Lush textures and soundscapes collide with crashing beats and twisted melodies to make up this Industrial tour de force. Can you sense the stink of fear? ohGr is an extremely successful solo artist, with amazing live shows and a massive following and SKINNY PUPPY are the cult heroes of the Industrial genre. With the insurgence of gothic/industrial-crossover, the time is right for the men who put this music style on the map! 01 Shhh 02 Eyecandy 03 three 04 feelin' chicken 05 pepper 06 d.angel 07 psychoreal 08 whitevan 09 timebomb 10 smogharp 11 witness