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The River And The Fence


The River And The Fence

Label: Poeta Negra

Genre: Electronica / Ambient / Experimental


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D. Mitsiopoulos, following K. Giazlas in the same year. After a period of experimentation, a collection of tracks came about and was finally handed by H. Martis (, who joined the project, while working on additional production and mastering. The music of Keene can partly remind of the dark aesthetics of the 4AD in its mid/late 80’s, the deep ambient atmospheric sounds of Biosphere, the surreal declination of Coil and the earthly echoes of kraut rock. Mostly acoustic and atmospheric they feature a narrative, melodic and sometimes cinematic flow that seems to enrich this feeling of melancholic recollection and introspection with enough breathing space. “River & The Fence” is an introspective but at the same time cosy album, swinging in dreams and being characterized by a particularly elaborative sound mastering and production.