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Au Theatre Des Sons Imaginaires


Au Theatre Des Sons Imaginaires

Label: Poeta Negra

Genre: Electronica / Ambient / Experimental


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Neon is an ambient/post rock electronic duet formed by Byron and Chris Setel; “Au theatre des sons imaginaires” comprises their first creation. Their music forms an ambient, fragile and “misty” landscape with mostly aesthetic references to Fennesz, Biosphere, Colleen, My Bloody Valentine and Manual. They remain minimal through their melodic fragments and sound layers, orchestrating ethereal soul – defining routes. Characterized by the spirit of central European romanticism they create dreamy, melodic schemes, while at the same time they reflect contemporary urban environmental conditions. The sense they emit is the most abstract feeling of sound and a kind of blurred noise that leads their compositions. Neon’s theatre of imaginary sounds unfolds a subtle and mature musical writing and an esoteric mood that is bound by an essential substance.