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Label: Subsound

Genre: Rock / Pop


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1 drum kit, 2 basses, 3 gorilla masks. Furious melodies and wild polyrhythms. MalClango make fun of music by stripping math rock down to its underwear. With primates trained by members of Juggernaut, Inferno sci-fi grind'n'roll, Donkey Breeder, they have played with bands such as: Shellac, Lightning Bolt, Helmet, Retox. Their self-titled debut and a 12’’ split with the Los Angeles-based QUI were released in 2017 by Subsound Records. Their latest album Sparagazzarre (Subsound Records, 2023) features an even more bizarre and contaminated sound. Can be it universally recognised as the best record written by MalClango in 2023.