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Intenta - Experimental & Electronic Music From Switzerland 1981-1993

Various Artists

Intenta - Experimental & Electronic Music From Switzerland 1981-1993

Label: Bongo Joe

Genre: 80s Wave / Rock / Pop / Punk


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The compilation 'Intenta' assembles under-appreciated gems, sought-after titles
and newly mixed versions. It places leftfield synth-pop next to otherworldly jazz, and joins the dots between lyrical post-punk excursions and proto-house experimentation. The compilation covers a period of transition: When songs mutated into sounds.
When synthesizers and samplers became the règle du jeu in DIY music-making. When a politicized youth movement slowly gave way to the hedonistic embrace of techno culture in Switzerland. 'Intenta' mines the outer fringes of a scene yet to be. Many of these experimenters were pretty much on their own. Often the only way you would get in touch was at the local synth dealer.
A spirit of bold improvisation inhabited studios between Geneva and St. Gallen: these artists were articulating pop sensibilities (Air Project, Sky Bird, D-Sire, Peter Philippe
Weiss), entering computer worlds (Claudine Chirac, Olivier Rogg, Carlos Perón), exploring exotic shores (Andreas Hofer, Bells Of Kyoto, Fizzè), building future discothèques (Aborted At Line 6, Carol Rich, UnknownmiX) or finding glacial bliss
(Dressed Up Animals, Elephant Château, I Suonatori). The compilation was put together by Matthias Orsett and Maxi Fischer. 'Intenta' unfolds as a sonic story that is laid-back yet energetic, sultry yet daring. The two crate diggers set out to meet with many of the artists arrayed here. Memories were
shared, wine bottles opened. There were moments of sadness: Karl Lienert Löwenherz (Dressed Up Animals) and Claudius Scholer (Sky Bird) passed away during the making of this project. What remains of this journey into the backrooms of
Swiss popular culture, is 'Intenta'. If you listen closely, it will reveal a nation on the move. Beyond the Matterhorn, there is sweetness and light.