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Jtr 1888


Jtr 1888

Label: Butler Records

Genre: Rock / Pop


  • CD x2 Digi / Cardboard €17.99
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We have a new fantastic project: Magoria – a Rock opera based on the story of Jack the Ripper.
You can compare this project with Ayreon's Rock Opera.

This albums features band members from Knight Area and is a rock opera telling the story of Jack The Ripper.

August 31, 1888, had a rainy night, it was cold and the people of London were already lighting their coal fires. The city smelled like brimstone, soot and open sewers. It was misty and along the Jewish graveyard of Whitechapel a dark pile was laying against the gate. It appeared to be a woman, a prostitute, dead. Her throat was slit and her stomach was cut open showing her intestines. Jack the Ripper killed for the first time.
Welcome to the Progrock-opera of Jack the Ripper: 9 Singers, 6 musicians and an incredible team will bring you the full Jack the Ripper Rock Opera inspired by the Royal Conspiracy Theory.

"1888" is Mark Bogert's new project. This project is a rock opera about Jack the Ripper. An unforgettable musical experience!