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Street Worms

Viagra Boys

Street Worms

Label: Year0001

Genre: Rock / Pop


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Grimey, acid highway full throttle; on Viagra Boys' twisted dark punk album Street Worms, vocalist Sebastian Murphy lets you ride shotgun on a trip that takes you blazing to the top of a mountain before speeding right back down to the basement.

With a bass line that ferociously drives the car and drums that make sure you stay on the road - this is one of those trips where you sporadically wake up and find yourself in strange situations, wondering how the fuck you got there.

From the Shrimp shack to the dog show, one minute you're playing 'rugby ball', the next moment you're being eaten by worms, and between the fading lights and the strange look on your friend's face, Murphy grabs your ears and asks you what you really want from this life.

This is an album about illusions of realness, the absurdum of existence and the joke of humanity. Street Worms is Viagra Boys debut studio album, a debut that instantly let them occupy their absolute own space in music history.

"It was all a dream, but it was so nice. I had a nice house and such a lovely wife. We had a little dog, such a little dog, it reminded me of a large dog. Just a miniature size.".