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Piano Voices

Papadimitriou Sakis

Piano Voices

Label: To Pikap Records

Genre: Jazz / Avant Garde


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This is the latest work of Sakis Papadimitriou, one of the greatest Greek piano players, composers and improvisers.

Mr. Papadimitriou has been recording constantly since the 70's, with releases in Leo Records, Praxis, CBS and more. This is his first vinyl release since 1988. The entire album was recorded in a one take session without any editing or overdubs. Some of the tracks are reminiscent of the experimentations of John Cage, some others share the minimalistic approach of Steve Reich while others flirt with the emotionalism of Eric Satie. It defies genres, bridging the gap between free jazz improvisation and classical composition. Piano Voices is about a man and a piano. It's about a research of what a musician can produce mentally, emotionally and physically. It's about what this instrument can offer in its wholeness, not just its black and white keys but its entire body. This is more than an avant-garde album. It's an amalgamation of Mr. Papadimitriou's wisdom, gained in his long artistic journey.