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In The Year 2039

Adam Stone & Dead Sea Apes

In The Year 2039

Label: Cardinal Fuzz / Sky Lantern

Genre: Post Rock / Avant Rock


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Cardinal Fuzz and Sky Lantern Records are proud to present ‘In The Year 2039 by Adam Stone and Dead Sea Apes. 'In The Year 2039' is a twenty minute dystopian monologue, performed by the artist and writer Adam Stone, backed by the esteemed psychedelic trio Dead Sea Apes. Stone intones a fictional report on the state of planet Earth in 2039 AD, written from the perspective of a sentient alien researcher. Written as a one-off performance piece, '2039' was delivered to an unsuspecting audience in a shed in Derbyshire in September 2016, acting as the prelude for a gig by Dead Sea Apes. Listen and you will hear strong elements of classic British science fiction at play, interwoven with black humour, political satire, dystopian specualtion and moral commentary. Dead Sea Apes provide an unsettling live score that invokes dark krautrock and BBC Radiophonic Workshop-styled apocalyptic claustrophobia. The piece is pressed onto one side of a limited edition 12" (edition of 250) housed in a screen printed, hand numbered and hand stamped sleeve and comes with a 4 page booklet with a transcript of the performance.