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The Flourishing Of Thesis And Antithesis

Entropia Utopia

The Flourishing Of Thesis And Antithesis

Label: Tech Killa

Genre: Rock / Pop


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After 9 years, Entropia Utopia reappear again from the emerging scene of prog metal, rock of Thessaloniki... Quite heartbreaking fact (yeah it makes me cry :p), if you consider that all members, except Stamatis Pratsinakis, left the band in 2007. The mainman, finally found Lefteris Markantonatos, George Baltas, and Maria Loti to accompany him in his artistic journey. Musically, for those who have listened the band's past releases (the two demos), their first full length is an album with -one could say- more "song oriented” yet still prog tracks. It was a challenge for Stamatis who composed the music, to write in a more "couplet - refrain" style... but the outcome is still very much "Entropia Utopia like". Lyrically, there are many ideas and thoughts that the lyricist wanted to share with this release... When Stamatis finished writing the songs, he found, that it is not only the music that may surprise the listeners at times, but the lyrics too, which refer to great antitheses. The tracks in the album are placed in such way that each song has a great antithesis with the previous one. Anyone who may listen to the album may find his/her own! Conceive your own synthesis my friend... It's up to You...!!! :)