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Brave Black Sea


Label: V2

Genre: Stoner / Post Metal / Industrial Rock


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With former members of Queens of the Stone Age, Kyuss and Slo Burn, these gentlemen are certainly not strangers to playing uncompromising rock and roll. Nor were they strangers to each other.
It was in the late 90’s that singer Damon Garrison, guitarist Chris Hale and drummer Alfredo Hernandez would first play music together. It was a little known fact that Alfredo would be the last drummer for Slo Burn before the band folded. After many years, bands, records, tours, ventures and voyages their paths would once cross again. All it took was one phone call between Damon and Chris, who had been living in Las Vegas, “I’m moving back to the desert, get ready”.
Within minutes, emails of songs, riffs, sounds and ideas were being fired back and forth. The next day Damon would call Alfredo, quite simply because “We have to finish what we started”. With the help of a mutual friend they would come in contact with bassist Clint Cunningham, who had also just moved back into town from Portland after touring with various bands. After the first week of writing together they would have a handful of songs that would eventually make it onto their debut album.
Brave Black Sea melds loud, heavy guitars with haunting melodies and danceable songs with a punk rock attitude. The band gravitates towards writing heavy, dynamic songs with a keen sense for catchy and memorable hooks and a sound that is a perfect blend of vintage and modern.