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Nubium Swimtrip


Nubium Swimtrip

Label: Act

Genre: Jazz / Avant Garde


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The zebra crossing outside the world famous Abbey Road Studios in London NW8 is a tourist hotspot, for Beatles fans especially. Far fewer get a taste of what the Fab Four and other legendary bands of the era actually experienced inside the studio. “That’s a dream come true for us,” says Dan Berglund, the most well-known member of the Swedish band Tonbruket, being the innovative ex-bassist of the hugely influential contemporary piano trio EST. “We talked a lot about it for a long time. If we could afford it we would do it.” With two successful recordings under their belt, Berglund alongside the lap and pedal steel guitar specialist Johan Lindström, keyboardist/violinist Martin Hederos and drummer Andreas Werliin lived the dream for three days during May this year in Abbey Road Studio 2. With their third album Nubium Swimtrip on the ACT label, Tonbruket reach dizzying new heights with a rich sonic soundscape that mixes the hypnotic textures and grooves of contemporary post-rock instrumentalism with elements from post-1970’s prog and space rock, all within the framework of their own lyrical, positively tuneful compositions.

“When you listen to the room it feels like a fifth member you can play with.” says Hederos. “You have to play with the room instead of an audience”. It’s a reference to the transition Tonbruket had to make from playing the new tunes in live performance to taking them into the studio. But they were able to very effectively adapt their widely praised, rock-fuelled live sound to suit the more unforgiving ambience of that massively spacious room in Studio 2. The whole setting proved an idyllic one for the band whose name Tonbruket translates into English as ‘sound factory’. “Nearly a religious experience,” is how guitarist Johan Lindström describes it. “For all the great musicians in the world that have been here, it could be like a burden on our shoulders. But it wasn’t like that.”