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Helium Vola


Label: Chrom

Genre: Dark / Post Punk / Gothic / Neo-Folk


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Composer Ernst Horn's project HELIUM VOLA combines poetry with historical music and avant-garde, and looks back on four highly successful albums. The classically-trained pianist, composer and conductor is mostly known for the pop projects that he co-founded: DEINE LAKAIEN, QNTAL and HELIUM VOLA. The latter being a prime example of openness and imaginative variations between sound collages, sensitive ballads and disciplined madrigals.

The album "Wohin?" ("Where To?") is another departure from the frontier. It combines medieval and new poetry with historical music and the electronic avant-garde. Between the 'framed' pieces "Nubibus Artis" and "Aquil Altera" there are more than two hours of HELIUM VOLA's customary musical and emotional range from carefree dance songs that would find friends in the clubs to tender sad love songs. But again, there are also political songs concerning blessing weaponry, crusader slogans, the visions of a Welsh coal miner, and a lost Indian culture. All this plus an extended e nsemble with soloists using old classical music, made new, and led by the outstanding singer Sabine Lutzenberger.