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And Don't The Kids Just Love It

Television Personalities

And Don't The Kids Just Love It

Label: Fire

Genre: 80s Wave / Rock / Pop / Punk


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The first full-length release from the UK’s Television Personalities was originally released in 1981. And Don't The Kids Just Love It is lo-fi, minimalist, and quirky pop, post-punk, psychedelia, and folkfrom one of the era’s most idiosyncratic songwriters. Featuring such classic tracks as “I Know Where Syd Barrett Lives” and “A Picture of Dorian Gray” this is one of the greatest and strangest debut records ever.<br /><br />Tracklisting – Side A: 1. This Angry Silence 2. The Glittering Prizes 3. World Of Pauline Lewis 4. A Family Affir 5. Silly Girl 6. Diary Of A Young Man 7. Geoffrey Ingram Side B: 1. I Know Where Syd Barrett Lives 2. Jackanory Stories 3. Parties In Chelsea 4. La Grand Illusion 5. A Picture Of Dorian Gray 6. The Crying Room 7. Look Back In Anger