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Wish For A World Without Hurt

Rothko . Blk W/bear

Wish For A World Without Hurt

Label: Trace

Genre: Post Rock / Avant Rock


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The debut release for Mark Beazley's Trace Recordings, 'Wish For A World Without Hurt' is a collaboration between his Rothko outfit and J.S. Adams' BLK w/Bear. Attempting to tackle the cultural bruise left by September the 11th, 'Wish For A World...' is an at times bleak mediation of that day, rendered through a crepuscular clutch of strings, static and piano. Well versed in the work of Oval, A Silver Mt. Zion and William Basinski, Rothko and BLK present juxtapositions throughout, such as the blistered scratching and morse-code like crackles of 'I Feel Lost Without You'. Elsewhere, the title track bludgeons a delicate piano with clouds of bellicose static, 'Like Nails In The Rain' allows a mournful violin to cast a sodden spell, whilst 'Lowering With Wolves' is a shuddering finale of abstract noise that creates a strangely optimistic melancholy. Obdurate, unyielding and very touching.