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System Automatik

Neuro D

System Automatik

Label: Poeta Negra

Genre: Electro / Electro-Rock


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Neuro D is essentially the electro side-project of Savvas Georgiadis. Under alias DJ Savage, Savvas made his presence felt in the electronic scene since 1987. He is also the owner of the oldest and most consistent Greek techno label, namely Kinetik Records. Savvas has released a great deal of albums under labels such as Harthouse (Germany), Bellboy (England), Treibstoff (Germany), Hyperspace (USA), Contrast (England), Pof (France), Symbiose (Portugal) etc. System Automatik EP includes three Neuro D tracks (System Automatik, Don’t stop, Revolution) and two remixes on System Automatik from Dr. Scissors and Neutral Network. The former three tracks are particularly dynamic, dancefloor-friendly and their sound is voluminous. They combine the classic electro form with modern sound and the contemporary conception of club culture. The remix of Dr. Scissors (known through his releases in Electrolux Records in Germany as one of the most important representatives of the electro scene) is keeping the primary groovy identity of the part, but at the same time it is enriched by wonderful melodies, romantic phrases referring to the 80's. The remix of Neutral Network is following more the ebm tradition and so it reveals an especially kinetic and also intimate identity.