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Bakırkoy Akıl Hastanesi'nde


Bakırkoy Akıl Hastanesi'nde

Label: Zel Zele

Genre: Post Rock / Avant Rock


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First-time vinyl issue of Turkish improv band ZeN's iconic album "Bakırköy Akıl Hastanesi'nde".

Performed live inIstanbul’s Bakırköy Psychiatric Hospital for an audience of patients, doctors and visitors, this exceptional recording offers an entrancing blend of krautrock, psychedelic and free anatolian sounds.

Perhaps one of the most unusual albums of Turkey’s underground music history, “Bakırköy Akıl Hastanesi’nde” is a testament to improvisation in its purest form. Originally released in 1999 in cassette and CD and re-mastered by Ronan Chris Murphy.