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Label: Sacred Bones

Genre: Post Rock / Avant Rock


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Föllakzoidgrows via depuration, aiming with each record to fill longer spacesof time with fewer and fewer elements. And like the best techno, kraut, and psy-chedelia have proven throughout time, sometimes the most minimal frameworkis the strongest container for transcendence. Which is whatFöllakzoidhaveachieved withV, an immersive opus that takes the listener on seductive journeystraight to the dance floor.

The creative perspective of the band has always been about unlearning the narra-tive, musical and visual paradigms that shape physical and digital conceptions, inan effort to make a time-space metric structure that dissolves both the author andthe narrative.

As the creative project of queer and trans artist Domingæ, the bandhas had a unique experience navigating the psychedelic rock scene.Unlike pastFöllakzoidrecords, that were done in single takes with the full band,their latest recordVtook a month to construct out of more than 70 separatestems. Guitars, bass, drums, synthesizers, and vocals, were all recorded in isolationand producerAtom™, who was not present for recording, was then asked tore-organize the four sequences of stems without any length, structural restrictionsor guidelines.

The inherent possibilities were endless yet bound together by the inner logic ofthe game itself and by the spirits of the players.Vis the exercise of telling an elab-orate story about nothing, with the smallest number of words necessary.

The storyis one of the electricity and code which we inhabit - or which may inhabit us, andcan be imagined through heart-pounding bass, skittering beats, head swirlingmelodies, and an ominous allure that feels at times like genuine hypnosis.

Clear vinyl.