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Piombo - Italian Crime Soundtracks From The Years Of Lead (1973-1981)

Various Artists

Piombo - Italian Crime Soundtracks From The Years Of Lead (1973-1981)

Label: Cam Sugar / Decca

Genre: Soundtrack


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Introducing the CAM Sugar collection on Italian crime soundtracks (Poliziottesco/Spaghetti Crime). 'PIOMBO' paints a 'picture in sound' of 'The Years of Lead' (1973-1981), a controversial period when the escalation of political violence and terrorism in Italy reached its climax. Italian cinema documented this season with Polizieschi (aka Spaghetti Crime Films/Poliziotteschi/Euro Crime): a genre that, drawing from the French Polar tradition and American Blaxploitation, encompassed thrill and action (but also comedy and drama) in a whirlwind of breath-taking car chases, heists, kidnaps, gunfights, political terror attacks, and brutal violence. Polizieschi's soundtracks were tense, aggressive and hallucinated: they embraced balaclava-clad Blaxploitation sound where brass-led themes were laid on a sonic bed made of propulsive bass lines, haunting drum beats, wah wah guitars, latin percussion highlights, and epic strings nodding to disco.