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Circuit Riot

Pye Corner Audio

Circuit Riot

Label: Polytechnic Youth

Genre: Electronica / Ambient / Experimental


  • 7" €12.99
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The second of PY's killer brace of new 45s sees a second release on the label for Martin Jenkins' always amazing Pye Corner Audio. Riding high with acclaim for his current full length on Sonic Cathedral, Martin offers up 2 fantastic pieces in tandem, unique to this vinyl only 45. As a longterm fan, label head Dom has always been intrigued by Martin's love of label hopping and recording pieces especially geared to what he feels is each label's aesthetic; and sharing a massive love for Spacemen 3 and Stereolab, it is always hugely exciting to receive new music from him. These two tunes were all we could possibly ask and then some; in his own words Martin says: "Pye Corner Audio return to the haunted dancehall with a brace of stripped back analogue tracks. Casio-tone rhythm meets Moog bass line on 'Circuit Rot,' while 'Pocket Disco's title speaks for itself". Two absolute beauties, all dressed up nice in PY's red/tracing paper homage packaging concept to the BBC's library releases of the early to mid '70s.