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Dead Forever


Dead Forever

Label: Akarma

Genre: 60s / 70s Rock / Pop / Progressive / Kraut


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Dead Forever... is the debut album by Australian rock band Buffalo, recorded and originally released in 1972. It remains one of the first truly sinister albums from an Aussie band of the day. Highlights of this collection of heavy psychedelic blues included covers of Free's 'I'm a Mover' and the Blues Images' 'Pay My Dues', plus the band-penned tracks 'Leader', 'Suzie Sunshine', 'Bean Stew' and the melancholy, atmospheric ballad 'Forest Rain'. Like Black Sabbath, Buffalo was also criticized for their controversial album covers and supposed satanic content (for the album cover of Dead Forever Buffalo chose a scarred, blood stained face, while the inside album features a rather macabre photo of the band in a Sidney cemetery), but also like their English cousins it was the band's hardrocking guitar heavy sound that would prevail.