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Roars Crack Fossils

Pera Sta Orh

Roars Crack Fossils

Label: Ogoun Records

Genre: Electronica / Ambient / Experimental


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Ogoun Records releases its latest sonic statement with music by the uprising talent Pera Sta Ori. The label digs inside Haitian Voodoo to playing and having fun with Ogoun, the half-god. Humans are very intimidated but we play respecting him, in peace.

Professing a futuristic style, Pera Sta Ori’s music blends senses from DnB, IDM and bleep music, without forgetting the bass impact.
Roar Crack Fossils breaks the label's silence delivering an elegant bass gem, charged with IDM elements, breakbeat and shiny bass-melodies.
A four-track EP where high-class arrangement, dynamism and narrative evolution stand out with strong coherence.

Immortal shouts for those who know the language, but also for those who are still training their ears.