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Onde Di Sabbia


Onde Di Sabbia

Label: 2 Headed Deer

Genre: Jazz / Avant Garde


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Para la segunda referencia de 2 Headed Deer contamos con oAxAcA, banda original de Cuneo. Desde el Piamonte italiano , este colectivo de difícil definición nos sumerge en sonidos que abarcan desde el jazz más libre y vanguardista , con reminiscencias de la heterodoxia y experimentación AACM, a una reelaboración muy personal del jazz-rock más eléctrico .

Cuneo´s band oAxAcA brings us the second 2 Headed Deer reference. From the Italian Piamonte , this “hard to define” collective delivers a sound that fluctuates between a free and experimental jazz reminiscent of the AACM spirit , to a very personal and reworked vision of the most electric jazz-rock .

«oAxAcA come back with a new record, they called it “onde di sabbia” (waves of sand), and they could’t find a more evocative name.
As a matter of fact here we feel overwhelmed by a tempest born from the mother of glass, and when the glass falls down, you will be hurt for sure.
It falls in our eyes, or we should say in our ears: it begins gently but you only realize it when you are already buried.
But please don’t misunderstand “gently” with “lightly”: the music of oaxaca preserves miracously the balance of a thin blade which cuts your bread but could also kill you. They let it fly high, they play with it, as well as they do with their musical references.
Yesterday they were born from the degradation of magnetic tapes of Bitches Brew sessions and from a Captain Beefheart who changes his hat and wears the hat of a George Clinton being a junky of no wave.
Today they take new directions playing with sudamerican rhythms mixed with a decomposition of afro funk, like a fly walking happily and polirhythmically on a shit.
Echoes of a Sonny Sharrock fallen down the stairs sum up a chaotic jazz carnival of 4 years old children jumping on their instruments, and they do it with the same expertise they did when studying them for decades.
Because, we have to say it, music is a game and this record knows it: you can’t find anything out of place here and oAxAcA come and go from and to musical meridians making friends with sounds as if they’re meeting a gringo riding his horse.
They give them a beer, let them free to go and come back, they make fun of them but at the same time they offer them seven whiskeys, like one of those novels where you have to choose your final: it’s “all you can’t jazz”.
So you finish the record and find yourself thinking about the wonderland where you ended up in, and maybe, finally, you forget to label the music you have just been listening to».