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Some Vague Desire.

Agnes Circle

Some Vague Desire.

Label: Avant

Genre: Dark / Post Punk / Gothic / Neo-Folk


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Back in 2016, five years ago, London based darkwave duo The Agnes Circle released their first and so far only full-length album on Avant!. The video for 'Porcelain' got over 1'600'000 views on Youtube since!
'Some Vague Desire' became some kind of an instant classic amongst the dark hearts passionate about this sound and both editions on CD and LP sold out real quick. After all, their recipe
made of equal shares of English post-punk and French coldwave was just perfect. While the band seemed to go on some sort of hiatus a few months later, the demand for their debut album stayed constant all these years, proving how good the record still is today.
Therefore AVANT! is very pleased to announce that "Some Vague Desire" will finally be available again, and this new edition is on GREY Vinyl. If you missed this the first time round, this is your chance. No sleep. No complaints.