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Tahtien Suojaan Toistensa Maa

Hulkkonen Jori

Tahtien Suojaan Toistensa Maa

Label: Keys Of Life

Genre: Techno / Tech-House / House / Trance


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Epic is a word shamelessly misused in the modern age, so it should be noted this track is not epic; it's beyond epic, post-epic, if you will. Harmonic, yet driving. Melancholic, yet aggressive. Jori Hulkkonen's whole career compressed into one track -minus the hits. The 12" comes packed with remixes that are more than remixes, too. J-7 lifts the spirits with his vocal take on the track, while jazz virtuoso Aki Rissanen shows us why we call him a jazz virtuoso. The original version was released on digital platforms originally in 2019 on Jori's own Blanco & Tinto imprint, and earned him an Emma (Finnish Grammy) nomination. The track has been getting support from industry heavy-hitters such as Laurent Garnier and Nick Warren.