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Label: Made Of Stone Recordings

Genre: Stoner / Post Metal / Industrial Rock


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Tortuga are a stoner doom band with psych elements, hailing from Poznań, Poland. They formed in 2016 following their love for H. F. Lovecraft and his stories.Their desire to share this fondness with other fans of horror and doom metal very soon led them to venues all around the world. They have shared the stage with 1000mods from Greece, Kalamata from Germany and Monolord from Sweden. In 2017 they released their thundering self-titled debut, through which they brought listeners into their world once and for all.This year they‘ve made a comeback with their second brainchild, “Deities”. The title of the album is inspired by the Great Old Ones, the divine beings omnipresent in Lovecraft’s saga. The album contains seven long tracks, mostly instrumental.The first thing that comes to attention already from the start of Shining Sphere, the album’s first track, is the prominent position of the bass, a position that adds a lot of creative value to the band’s effort and keeps the whole synthesis tight. The second thing is that the melody here is more spread out and wavy compared to the band’s first album. Of course, this doesn’t mean that Deities lacks the intensity and the dynamics that a heavy doom album needs. Tracks like “Defective Mind Transfer” and “Black Pharaoh II” can attest to this. Thethird thing is Tortuga’s willingness to offer fun to listeners and to themselves through this album. For Elizard is a perfect example.Deities has fifty meaningful and fun minutes in store for every fan of stoner and metal , fifty minutes full of grooviness, ambience and psych jams.

Coloured vinyl. Limited numbered edition of 202 copies.