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Label: Electric Valley Records

Genre: Stoner / Post Metal / Industrial Rock


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"Aphasia" is the long waited Debut album of the Cypriot Heavy rockers STONUS, a fully analogue 41:43 minute LP recorded live at Wreck it Sounds Studios in Corinth, Greece under the supervision of George Leodis and John Modes. The man behind the artwork, this magnificent creation, is Diogo Soares. 'After half a decade of musical experimentation and constant learning, between UK and Cyprus, Stonus managed to define their sound seeking deep into their roots, combining a mix of psychedelic, stoner, doom and hard rock. Their debut album "Aphasia" tries to imitate the mental disorder in a more spiritual and personal perception allowing the listener to travel in their own musical path...' Aphasia impairs a person’s ability to use or understand words. People who suffer from it may have difficulties speaking and finding the words to complete their thoughts, understanding conversations, reading, comprehending words and using numbers. Aphasia will always stay inside of you shrinking your thoughts remaining in your consciousness, trying to run after you...Can you handle it?...Can you handle it?...Can you Handle it? For fans of: 1000Mods, Kyuss and Nightstalker
Gold vinyl.