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Metaxas Savvas / Grieco Renato


Label: Granny

Genre: Electronica / Ambient / Experimental


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84100 is the result of the collaboration between Savvas Metaxas and Renato Grieco. The two of them met on the island of Syros, during the 2018 Syros Sounding Paths Residency. During their stay there the artists had to pursuit and investigate one or more ideas.

Metaxas’ focus was mainly around the story and the sounds of the industrial ghost-past of Ermoupolis, while Grieco’s interest was the in the tape, not just as a format but more as a material and dare to say as a somehow living creature.

While each one was working on his own ideas, they found the time and space to improvise together and connect this two ongoing sound searches. The recordings of these sessions, and that of a live performance the duo gave during the closing of the residency, were collected edited and mixed by Renato Grieco back in his Naples studio, and the outcome is 84100 that stands for Ano Syros Postal Code.