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The Lights In The Aisle Will Guide You


The Lights In The Aisle Will Guide You

Label: Paura Di Niente

Genre: Post Rock / Avant Rock


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Do you pay attention to the safety instructions given by the cabin crew before your flight takes off? Then you know you have nothing to worry about if the plane is about to crash. Just keep in mind that the floor lights in the center aisle will safely guide you through the horror. This album is intended to be your guiding light through days of darkness.

The second album (CD and LP) by Swedish progressive jazz-rockers HOOFFOOT mixes spontaneity with carefully crafted themes and the music falls into place as natural and prophetic as the album title; “THE LIGHTS IN THE AISLE WILL GUIDE YOU”. Although not a concept album as such, maybe the four instrumental compositions on this album are all about navigating a world in flux? There is definitely a sense of constant change and movement in the music. Just like a spy novel from 1976-1979 you want to find out where it is all heading. Why those specific years? Read more below to find out. HOOFFOOT, from Sweden, released their debut album in 2015. It was voted album of the year in both Greek and German reviewer forums covering progressive rock. On the follow up you will recognize the eclectic blend of folk/jazz/prog but you will hear the musicians stepping up to the next level, sweating more and taking more chances. The band is now a tight quartet but still manages to sound larger than on the debut. The soundscape is further expanded by invited solo artists contributing with percussion, violin, saxophone and trumpet.