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Nu Era


Label: Omniverse

Genre: Techno / Tech-House / House / Trance


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Words like soulful techno, real techno and true techno are easily thrown around these days but what really is a ‘true techno’ record? Arguably we could put Nu Era’s debut 1994 “Beyond Gravity” album in that bracket.
“EVOLVE” follows in that footpath and in some ways goes back to an earlier techno sound, pretty hard to do that while still sounding futurist. EVOLVE does just that, its Nu Era still evolving without loosing formation. From the opening track “Metal Butterfly” the 909 drum machine powers through classic Marc Mac (4hero) chords and melodies, that 909 kick drum and baseline work in combination to deliver a more edgy techno belter on “Flying Colours”. The 4x4 kick is broken up on tracks and electro-fied on “Theme From Joe Smoke” the yin and yang forces provide a haunting but heartfelt electro composition. “Closer To Mars” creeps into a fusion style tech workout, with jazzy, soulful keys and melodies intertwining. Flashbacks of the UK's Nu Romantic era, Paul Hardcastle, The Yellow Magic Orchestra and the 313 area code masters help paint the picture of influences; EVOLVE is complexed but simply soulful and has all the hallmarks of a classic in waiting time will tell.