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Electro Glide In Blue

Apollo 440

Electro Glide In Blue

Label: Music On Cd

Genre: Freestyle / Nu Jazz / Funk / Afro


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This is a great album from the under-rated and reasonably unknown Apollo Four Forty. This album has a great selection of music. "Stealth Mass In F#m" is very mellow, starting out with a soft beat and slowly introduces a female vocal that gives the whole thing a very spy-movie/infiltration type feel. "Krupa" was apparently named after drummer Gene Krupa and features a fairly steady drum beat and tempo. Finally, the eponymous "Electro Glide In Blue" is an amazing epic with a huge amount of feeling in the vocals and is over 8 minutes of genius. Whether you want to relax, get energized or anything in between, ‘Electro Guide In Blue’ is a must have.