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Live In Neerpelt

Dumoulin Jozef & Lidlboj

Live In Neerpelt

Label: El Negocito Records

Genre: Jazz / Avant Garde


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Archiving the music I play has never been very appealing to
me. Nor am I nostalgic by nature. I like to make records as a
tool to forge ahead, as a tool to push myself into new territories.
So, when Rogé from el NEGOCITO Records asked me to release
the Lidlboj-concert that we played more than seven years ago
for the JazzCase cycle in Neerpelt, my first reaction was of
surprise and wonder. Nevertheless I took some time to listen
back to that concert and eventually decided to go ahead and
accepted the offer.

Why? Well, for various harmless reasons Lidlboj hasn’t
played a whole lot since that concert. Yet we had new material
for at least two albums, so I thought it would be nice to share
some of that music with the world. I also liked the idea of
having to give up the strict control that I usually like to have
when I release an album. And there was for sure some letting
go to be done: most of the tunes we played that night were
new, it was our first concert with bass player Dries Laheye,
our first concert with a bass player altogether, and I was
testing an experimental setup without Fender Rhodes
(a setup that didn’t last very long afterwards). But most of
all, I was pleasantly puzzled by what I heard and liked the
idea of releasing those sounds into the open once more.

In the end, the whole process of making this record has been
as enjoyable as it has been enriching. I appreciated being an
almost outside listener, because of the time that went by since
we made the music. I was also very happy to listen to everybody
else’s playing, and grateful to feel the love and dedication that
they put into this band and its sound. While we are busy
with our daily lives, we rarely fully realise what a great gift
that is. And I was happy to notice that the emotional content
and message I always wished this music to have, reached me in
a very particular way, having changed myself quite a lot during
these seven years. I hope it may somehow reach you too.

— Jozef Dumoulin