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Circe : The Black Cut :

Stereopoulou Anna

Circe : The Black Cut :

Label: Private Press

Genre: Jazz / Avant Garde


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c i r c e :the black cut: is the natural continuation of Anna Stereopoulou's previous albums /projects ...oneirograph...v.5.spindle, electron and A ∞ [aleph / infinity ('bridge' album / 7MNS)]. The whole work is based on the composer's ongoing research on the Human Brain (various types of waves, ear structure and function, balance, senses, etc.), Astrophysics, Philosophy and Psychoanalysis theories [Mind /Soul /En (One) - Jacques Lacan, Otto Rank, Plotinus], as well as many other Art & Science elements of her same-titled project, such as 'The Black Square' painting (Kazimir Malevich, 1915), the graphic score of the composition 'Treatise' (Cornelius Cardew, 1963 to 1967) and the 'semia' (symbols) found on the Phaistos Disk (circa 2nd millennium BC, Crete island, Greece).


about the Album...


The departure from Aeaea -Circe’s island-, the visit to the Underworld and Thrinacia (island of the sun god Helios), the return to Ithaca and the death of Ulysses, are 'narrated' through ancient world hymns' and scripts' excerpts, which worship Mother Nature and archaic deities, and knit a scenario that is later resolved upon arrival to a new Aeaea, just after the work's Golden Ratio (time-wise), met on 'The Black Cut' section. In the place where we discover our own very first memory; our own Birth; Life itself; the Universe.

The music of the album is moving on a A-E-A-Ǝ-A form ('Aeaea' island) -with hints of the ancient Greek drama structure- and it is constructed in a way that gives freedom of multidimensional movement to the listener to travel within the Time-Space axes, by setting their own Start-to-End course on any part of the music, without imposing the western philosophy of the Arrow of Time (left-to-right) direction. Also, the 432Hz-reset ('A') sections, in combination with other traditional harmony-rhythm elements, express an effort made to worship various bygone and aboriginal cultures from which we are called to remember the Sound of our Heart(beat).


Specialised in the field of Music Composition for Film, Theatre, Dance -recently awarded with the 'Best Original Score' award (9th CIFF, 2014 /'A Place Called Home' dir.: Maria Douza)- Anna Stereopoulou composed, directing an Audio Film (i.e. Soundtrack), through a special Sound Mixing that offers a psychoacoustic environment and a musical ‘review’, suggesting a genre she likes describing as Sonic Moving Images. " c i r c e :the black cut: " album is a journey through many Earth and Space coordinates, through mankind's social and musical history and, definitely, through many memories and dreams of Anna's life so far, mainly led through her Piano playing.