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Wet Ones

Wet Ones

Wet Ones

Label: Black Gladiator / Slovenly

Genre: Stoner / Post Metal / Industrial Rock


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If any punk album in 2016 is going to transcend description it’s this debut
long player from KCMO’s WET ONES. I can tell you that the band is made
up of ex-members of FAG COP who released some of the most aurally
offensive and insipid shit this side of THE FATALS and GRABBIES, and
more recently, WHITE LOAD. There’s a couple MOUTHBREATHERS in there
too. Talk about an underappreciated band. One of ‘em shelled out some
seriously disgusting cuts here with “I Live Life Reckless” and “Static,” and
after a hundred spins they are finally starting to sound somewhat palatable.
How did they even make this record? Shouldn’t they be broken up already?
Nothing this screwy ever lasts for more than a few minutes these days. They
assure me that they’re the best of friends and are immune to implosion, but
this is not the sound of a trustworthy group. Oh well. For now this gets the
coveted Black Gladiator / Slovenly seal of approval, and we’ll whip their
asses raw ‘til they give us more.