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First Album (a Collection Of Publisher's Demos)


First Album (a Collection Of Publisher's Demos)

Label: Anazitisi

Genre: 60s / 70s Rock / Pop / Progressive / Kraut


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"First Album" is a very rare album, originally released in a small edition of 200 only copies. This is the first ever reissue and comes as a faithful reproduction for the label, the cover and the number of copies. So almost 40 years later, 200 more copies of this gem come out. Lisenced by Moe and boosted with one extra unreleased track. Moe Whittemore (aka Mo), was the founder of the Indianapolis 700West studios and the same-titled record label. Moe was responsible for recordings of Primevil, Zerfas, Buccaneer, Dan Modlin & Dave Scott, Sailor, etc… This album appeared in 1976, and as its subtitle suggests it was a kind of collection/promotional item for Moe's and 700West works. Moe plays on all the tracks the keyboards, piano and/or the homemade synth while a cast of fellow musicians (from Zerfas, Primevil, Peddler, Jubal, Sequoiah…) helped him to build this tough to define musically album. Psychedelic, acid freakout, space, funky soul, progressive, electronica, avant garde, folk, americana; Name it whatever you prefer and all together at once (if you want to be precise) and you have the right music style to categorize this one of a kind LP, which is really recommended to all the psych heads. Includes: * Fully laminated cover. * One bonus track. * 4-pages insert with notes, trivia, photos and lyrics. * Limited to 200 black. * 180gr vinyl as usual. * PVC protective outersleeve