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Los Angeles

Flying Lotus

Los Angeles

Label: Warp

Genre: Electronica / Ambient / Experimental


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Flying Lotus' debut album for Warp is Hip-Hop re-imagined as a waking dream, taking new forms. The music Lotus makes has been recently heralded as 'wonky' in parts of the press, but to his credit this debut is much more impressive intuitively broader and musical than that rather functional term would suggest. This is a deep, soulful, intricate album, mixed to perfection where glints of detail are unearthed on ever listen, floating hallucinatory clouds of chords, snippets of voices and exotic percussion lend a different angle to each track. It's not an entirely instrumental album either, there are three fantastic vocal tracks, featuring Laura Darlington, Dolly and the rough honed Gonja Sufi who's vocals sit somewhere between Captain Beefheart and Axl Rose, which show off his ability to write woozy but catchy arrangements, which mix the futuristic and the classic very neatly.