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25 May 2017
Stubborn Persistent Illusions Do Make Say Think: Stubborn Persistent Illusions
LP x2 180gr +MP3 COUPON, Constellation
MODERN KOSMOLOGYWeaver Jane: Modern Kosmology
LP 180GR +MP3 COUPON, Fire
GOTHSMountain Goats: Goths
LP x2 +MP3 COUPON, Merge
CHINOISERIES PT. 3Onra: Chinoiseries Pt. 3
LP x2, All City
CURAOQuantic & Gongora Nidia: Curao
LP x2, Tru Thoughts
PEACE POTATOTuttle Doug: Peace Potato
LP, Trouble In Mind
ASTRAL CUBEBlack Cube Marriage: Astral Cube
LP + MP3 COUPON, El Paraiso
PSYCH IS DEADCosmic Dead: Psych Is Dead
LP, Riot Season
BIG WALNUTS YONDERBig Walnuts Yonder: Big Walnuts Yonder
LP + MP3 COUPON, Sargent House
LOVE IS LOVEWoods: Love Is Love
LP + MP3 COUPON, Woodsist
UNTITLEDWall: Untitled
LP, Wharf Cat Records
BRUTALISMIdles: Brutalism
CD, Balley Records
Evil Solos Deified Mom Dad Deified Solos Live - RED VINYLCalf: Evil Solos Deified Mom Dad Deified Solos Live - Red Vinyl
LP, Sweetohm Recordings
UNICORN PANZiggy Was: Unicorn Pan
LP, Labyrinth Of Thoughts / Ikaros
ASHAMcneill Lloyd Quartet: Asha
LP + MP3 COUPON, Soul Jazz
THUNDER PERFECT MIND - EXPANDED REISSUENurse With Wound: Thunder Perfect Mind - Expanded Reissue
CD x2 Digi / Cardboard, United Jnana
MIRRORRevolutionary Army Of The Infant Jesus: Mirror
LP 180gr, Occultation
TOWER OF SILENCEMusci Roberto: Tower Of Silence
LP x2, Music From Memory