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Book Of Hours ( The Complete )

Green Pajamas

Book Of Hours ( The Complete )

Label: Green Monkey

Genre: 80s Wave / Rock / Pop / Punk


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Jeff Kelly and his Green Pajamas are consistently referred to as Seattle’s most underrated and under-heard musical combo. With twenty-four Green Pajamas releases and seven solo releases since 1986, it is a catalog rich and long. The latest, Poison in the Russian Room, was named Top 100 of 2009 by the London Times. Book of Hours takes us back to their psychedelic pop beginning. It was their first proper album; following the home-recorded Summer of Lust cassette and the transcendent Kim the Waitress single. Out of print for twenty years, this is the first CD release for Book, with all the tracks from the original American album as well as tracks released on the Australian, German and Greek versions. Remastered by original producer Tom Dyer, Book of Hours stands the test of time. It shows Kelly and the Pajamas at one of their creative peaks, with inspired performances, unforgettable songs and great sounds. If you heard it then, you want it. If this is your first time, don’t miss it again.