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Label: Submersion Records

Genre: Post Rock / Avant Rock


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The Coal is a duet consisting of guitar player Giannis Arapis and drummer Simos R.
Giannis and Simos follow an innovative experimental approach to composing and recording their music.
The Coal enter the studio and make music without any pre-written songs. They allow their creativity and the moment to dictate the music. They enter the studio, play music that is conceived on the spot and then keep what they deem as the best parts.
This adventurous approach to making music gives the listener a feeling of freedom and of being present, each note flows from the previous one creating a steady stream of creativity.
This is the case in ATLAS as well where each musical theme occupies its space in what seems to be a mosaic of influences from jazz to ambient to blues to melodies inspired by traditional mediterranean music. The Coal blend all of these influences together in an album gently guides the listener to a journey across these rich musical traditions.

Limited Edition 30 Numbered Copies .