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Label: Ripple Music

Genre: Rock / Pop


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Markus Åsland’s hot and groovy vocals will lead your way through this promising debut album, which brilliantly explores the blues rock spectrum. Taking its cue from soul, psych and acid rock and pretty much all the good vibes coming from an unforgettable era that brought about what we now call cosmic rock. Rory Gallagher and Stevie Ray Vaughan may come to mind when listening to “People,” yet this is no surprise: STEW have brought back a mastery of modern blues that is utterly soulful and filled with irresistible hooks. STEW comment: “Just like the first EP, the whole album is recorded live except vocals and solos. The recording of the album was finished in nine days at Studio Oktober, Karlskoga with engineer Jonas Ljungkvist. We wanted the album to be a classic rock-sounding album like the ones from the 70’s that we love.”