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Church Of Anthrax

Cale John / Riley Terry

Church Of Anthrax

Label: Music On Vinyl

Genre: Jazz / Avant Garde


  • LP 180gr Audiophile €23.99
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Church of Anthrax is a collaborative studio album by musicians John Cale (The Velvet Underground) and Terry Riley (minimalist pioneer). It didn't sound much like either of them, mixing Riley's drone sounds and slow patterns with melodic and experimental rock and jazz parts. This rare treat still rocks with the multiple layers forming a perfectly balanced blend between different musical styles. Both musicians display sides of themselves that you never would have anticipated from their previous work. It serves as a starting point for a lot of ideas that continue to be developed in the world of accessible avant-garde music.

180-gram audiophile vinyl
A masterpiece created by former Velvet Underground member (Cale) and the pioneer of minimalist music (Riley)