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Eventless Plot / Cundy Chris

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Label: Granny

Genre: Electronica / Ambient / Experimental


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"No options" is a collaboration between electroacoustic trio Eventless Plot and bass clarinet player Chris Cundy

A1) No options (15:20)

“No options” is a composition in two distinct parts. On the first part, field recordings are interrupted by unique harmony combinations produced by bass clarinet tones, electromagnetic mic and electronics. On the second part, noise and concrete sounds create the substrate for Chris’ bass clarinet sounds, emerging and highlighting extended techniques such as multi-phonics, circular breathing and micro tonality.

Vasilis Liolios - field recordings, electromagnetic mic, modular synth
Aris Giatas - korg MS20
Yiannis Tsirikoglou - electronics Max/MSP
Chris Cundy - bass clarinet

B1) Ataxia I (5:15)

The waves formed from electromagnetic microphone combined with the clarinet, bass clarinet & bass saxophone tones create blocks of multilayered material consisting the basis of the track. The fluctuation of near-tones is very present at times between the wind instruments and electronics.

Vasilis Liolios – electromagnetic mic, electronics
Yiannis Tsirikoglou – electronics Max/MSP
Margarita Kapagiannidou – clarinet
Stefanos Lazaristos – bass saxophone
Chris Cundy – bass clarinet

B2) Ataxia II (8:19)

In this composition contact microphones are placed on the percussion surfaces and all the tones are generated from singing bowls, crotales, cymbals and sound plates. Τhe tones and the harmonies are isolated from the continuous vibration created after the hittings, with the help of a mixer in order to control the volumes. The breathings and the tones from Chris’ bass clarinet react with the percussion tones giving the sense of a dialogue between them.

Vasilis Liolios – contact mics, crotales, cymbals, singing bowls, sound plates
Aris Giatas - contact mics, crotales, cymbals, singing bowls, sound plates
Yiannis Tsirikoglou – objects, electronics Max/MSP
Chris Cundy – bass clarinet