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Black Moon Circle


Label: Crispin Glover Records

Genre: Post Rock / Avant Rock


  • LP 180gr €27.99
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Space rockers rejoice! Black Moon Circle’s first album on Crispin Glover Records is finally available again. Black Moon Circle is best described as a space rock outfit from Norway who has been collaborating with Scott “Dr. Space” Heller (Øresund Space Collective, Space Rock Productions) on a steady stream of heavily improvised albums. Andromeda was their first album to come out on Crispin Glover Records, originally released in 2014. Recorded live in one day, Andromeda contains the power of a live session and showcases the band’s astonishingly tight musicianship. Black Moon Circle draw on a range on influences to build their sound, avoiding the pitfall of blind repetition used so often to define ‘space rock’. Here, heavy psychedelic jamming reminiscent of Gas Giant (another of Heller’s alma maters) meets grunge-tinged hard rock, occasionally blasting off into a full-on freakout or settling down into a quiet acoustic passage. Andromeda is available on 180 gr. black vinyl in a heavy-duty PVC bag.