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Savvaidis Seirios


Label: Sound Effect

Genre: Rock / Pop


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In Homer's Odyssey, "Moly" was the herb Hermes handed to Odysseus to release his men from Circe's sorcery. "Moly" serves also as the title for Seirios Savvaidis' latest studio album, a low-key effort, full of great tracks for some serious acoustic bliss! Seirios' unique blend of acoustic psych and post-modern folk grooves is currently making waves via the release of the CD-only compilation "Paggaidelic" and the collaboration with Aggelos Baltas, aka Anatolian Weapons, on the "To the Mother Of Gods" album, featuring Baltas' reconstruction of some of Seirios Savvaidis' key tracks. "Moly" shall be released for the first time on limited vinyl, on July 12th, via Sound Effect Records and Cosmic Eye.

Seirios Savvaidis is a Greek musician and singer-songwriter born in Kavala on March 10, 1982. Founding member of alternative rock band "Movastro", which released five studio and one live album (2002-2013).Also, was a member (2016-2019) of psych-rock band "The Dead Ends", which released two studio albums. At the same time, he has launched a remarkable solo career, having released five studio and one live album. His music, influenced by the Greek music tradition and the contemporary psych-folk-rock scene, is characterized by a genuine lyricism and particular artistic features shaping his unique personal style.