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Von Pegel

Von Pegel

Von Pegel

Label: Kommun 2

Genre: Post Rock / Avant Rock


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“This is steeped in the same mould as German rockers Kraftwerk, with some Neu! thrown in for good measure. Great pedestrian, dark and relentless “motorik” rock’n’roll. – Daniel Dellamorte, music historian and author of the book Swedish Death Metal

This trio from Sweden is fronted by German singer/bass player Ulrich Ruchlinski, and this might be the most teutonic music ever to come out of Scandinavia. The songs are like pulses, but they shift on their foundations; Album opener “Berlin” has a Larry Heard-style house bassline, but the presence of a heavy vocal delivery sends it drifting into the beyond. Frequent appearances of quavering analogue synthesizers, very much the krautrock culture’s go-to instrument, are delivered by Fredrik Ramsten. This further enhances the very particular beauty of the music, which, thanks to Magnus Könberg Larsson’s drumming, sounds like punk rock with a jazz arranger’s mindset. While krautrock music is often abominably threatening, these compositions owe as much to space rock purveyors Hawkwind as to their West German roots.