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Ta 4 Epipeda  Ths Yparxhs

Ta 4 Epipeda Ths Yparxhs

Ta 4 Epipeda Ths Yparxhs

Label: Anazitisi

Genre: 60s / 70s Rock / Pop / Progressive / Kraut


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One of the rarest albums from the Greek 70s. 4 LEVELS came into existence in 1974 from the ashes of FROGS EYES (thus the “peace-frog” cover of the album). They recorded their sole album in a matter of 10 hours with no overdubs and released it via a small (and not at all “rock-connected”) label, called Venus. Some months later everything came to an end. The LEVELS disbanded, leaving behind this, highly sought-after nowadays, LP. Heavy underground, fuzzy guitar oriented rock, with some psychedelic and ethnic elements. Greek lyrics (although translated in English lyrics are included in the booklet). And as their former member, guitarist Athanasios Alatas says: "Those very moments are strongly attached to our dreams. We spent the most precious leisure of our teens on studying and reforming the groups for a concert or just for a rehearsal. This record is dedicated to all those who did their best back then, to fulfill their life and dreams with music without having the satisfaction of just one recording (and believe, they deserved it more than we did). That's the one and only reason of its re-release."................ This is an official reissue. And it's the first reissue that comes with a reproduction, as close as possible, of the original cover and labels. Extra is a 12-pages coloured insert with photos, lyrics, short story, notes and memorabilia. Limited to 350 black and 150 coloured copies. 180gr vinyl as usual. BLACK EDITION