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Label: Outlandish

Genre: World Music


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StringLESS'' is a vocal group of five women singers of Bulgarian, Albanian and Greek origin. The name StringLESS is a word pun on the English word meaning ''without strings'' and the Greek onomatopoeic word meaning ''shrews'', mythical creatures of the Greek folk tradition. The repertoire is based on Greek folk songs from Epirus, Pontus, and Macedonia, on the early urban tradition of Smyrna - the so called retro songs of 30's- and the rembetiko of Piraeus. Along these lines, their repertoire includes songs stemming from the Balkan,Gaelic, Cuban, Gospel and Corse tradition, all orchestrated in a polyphonic mode. The group’s objective is a polyphonic orchestration, even when it comes to inherently non -polyphonic songs. All orchestrations are devised by the group, transforming a well-known song into a totally new and diverse music proposal, or transcribing the sound of musical instruments into a sound produced by the human body, as if it were a wind or percussion-instrument.

Stringles are: Albena Ivanova Kutova, Katerina Mavrofrydou, Elsa Mouratidou, Vasiliki Alexiou, Dorotthea Mihail